Helping You Get the Benefits You Deserve

There is no doubt that finding out what benefits exist to pay for care is a challenging process. Even after learning about a benefit, finding out how to become eligible, not why you are ineligible, can be even more of a struggle! I believe that with proactive, compassionate, reassuring assistance, this overwhelming process can be made easier and benefits obtained earlier.

Jill Preston
Jill A. Preston, CEO/Managing Owner – Benefit Results

I have worked with thousands of families in my 25-year career in health care to help them maneuver through the maze of benefits. I feel strongly that with better proactive management of this benefit process, both families and health care facilities are less likely to experience costly denials of these benefits.

Both providers and individuals are greatly impacted by the staggering ineligibility rates. Facilities write off millions in unpaid Medicaid bad debt due to denials of Medicaid applications. Families must endure the cost of care and stress of the application process. Many are denied, even though they financially need the help. Most states report of a 76% denial of these applications. These denials impact every realm of the long-term care world. Denials such as these are typical all over the United States related to both federal and state programs.

Benefit Results is able to work individually with families as well as partner with health care facilities to be the proactive link between residents and the facility to secure the approval of  benefits that assist with cost of care. Visit with us for more information regarding our services for families and for health care companies.