A Senior Moment – by Ted

Ted - A Senior Moment

September 2, 2019

Well… here it goes.   A blog.   What the heck is a blog anyway….??  I actually just found out that answer a few weeks ago!    At age 82,  I find myself marveling daily at the technology that exists.  Lets face it, I remember when gas was 20 cents a gallon and we had a party line phone!   My daughter tells me that my opinion matters and my voice is important, so I am going to give this blog thing a try!

First a little bit about me – I am an Ohio boy, grew up working in my father’s auto garage, attained the rank of Eagle Scout, went to Wittenburg College. Married my college sweetheart and became the father of two lovely daughters.  I feel I have been extremely fortunate in several areas—worked for a large national insurance company; eventually had my own yacht sales and charter company in Bellingham WA. Learned to fly in my late 60’s—first in Gliders and ending up with my own small single engine aircraft.  But most of all being married to a wonderful woman and watching my daughters grow into wonderful women like their mom.

I am still lost after her death-  after 52 years of marriage.   Doing my best to figure out this new normal.   Tried many ways to be happy, including moving to a senior independent/assisted living facility which was premature and not right for me. So moved again to a nice over 55 community north of Tucson, trying to adjust, playing some golf and trying to make the best of whatever days are left.  This blog will just be my thoughts, my opinions, my ideas and My Senior Moments –  Thanks for Reading –   Ted

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