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Ted - A Senior Moment

September 29, 2019

Technology! Don’t’ be afraid!

As someone who saw his first television around 7 or 8 years of age, I can easily be overwhelmed with all the new technology that is out there! Seems I am bombarded with new, techy stuff every day.

My first tech jump was a portable telephone with its battery pack about the size of a breadbox. Then computers and card sorters that began to appear in huge temperature-controlled rooms with minimal memory. I’m laughing now at my first business computer, it had two slots for those blue floppy discs, but we were almost giddy to get our first half height hard drive with an amazing 5 gig of memory.

Eventually everyone had to have a computer and I began to be exposed (with great difficulty) to the internet. Remember edline? I feel at 82 I am pretty good at the computer but still struggle sometimes….

Fast forward to today. Everyone has a cell phone and seems to have it in front of their face all the time—at dinner, walking and even a few thoughtless can’t get thru a movie without texting. And who can get thru the day without several visits to Facebook to learn what your neighbor had for breakfast? Cortana, Alexa and Siri have become our major source of information.
I do have a “smart “phone. It’s my only phone so it’s with me most all the time. I must admit it is far better than a land line. I am amazed at what it can do, and the ease in which it does it!

So now we come to the penultimate device—the iWatch. Talk about fantastic. At the urging of my daughters, I just got one. I agreed as it is the cool version of the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up button”. Not only is it synced to my phone for messages, email and phone, it will manage my activities, heart rate, do an EKG, notify emergency if I fall or have an abnormal heart rate, tell me when and how to breathe, where to find the closest Costco! Amazing!

I will spend countless hours trying to master the thing but will enjoy the process. I know it isn’t going to be easy as it has immeasurable more features and power than the machines NASA used to get the first man on the moon!

Don’t be intimidated!   Jump in and try technology – it might make your life easier,  who knows you might be able to teach your grandkids something!

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