Preparation for Medical Assessment

December 1, 2021

The medical eligibility for long term Medicaid is a part of the application process that is worth paying close attention to.  Gathering documentation prior to the assessment related to the medical diagnosis, such as dementia, and proof of hands-on care being provided can go a long way to assist with the medical approval.

Many skip preparing for the medical eligibility and end up getting denied even though the applicant truly is in need of care and meets the criteria. Remember that success depends upon the documented proof that the applicant needs daily HANDS-ON CARE.

For our Arizona health care professionals, we have created a Medical PAS (Pre-Admission Screening) tool that you can give to your applicants and families to help them prepare for the medical assessment.   It is very important to properly prepare for the Medical PAS to avoid any unnecessary denials.

Click HERE to download the Medical Pre-Admission Screening Tool