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$8300 Revenue Recovered!

Assisted Living

Resident had been in assisted living since 2018 without the ability to pay her room and board due to an issue with her social security.  She had no identification and needed her social security reinstated.  Our facility partner called Benefit Results and explained the situation.   We were able to figure out the issue, deal with Representative Payee company, secure new ID, communicate with Social Security and finally get her Social Security reinstated!   This was a Revenue Recovery of over $8300 to the Assisted Living and now the resident can pay her room and board and have her personal needs allowance!   Both the facility and resident were thrilled with this great RESULT!

Over $168,000 of Revenue Secured!

SNF Result!

Eight Medicaid Pending Cases in new partner facility managed and completed to ensure consistent revenue stream! Increased attention, management and problem solving got these cases finished and approved! Great Job! Over 24 months of coverage- all together – covered!

Revenue Rescued! - $19,500

SNF Result!

SNF Business Office applied for ALTCS. Application denied after three months due to family not following through with needed documentation.  Benefit Results asked to intervene.  After Benefit Assessment and education provided to family, new application was submitted and subsequently approved with Prior Quarter Coverage – No Loss Occurred.

Revenue Result - $18,000

LIHTC Assisted Living

Able to educate potential resident identify potential benefit with Wartime Pension that he did not know he was eligible for.  Made proper referral to VA claim agent, offered support during application process.  The additional funds he could expect from the VA Wartime Pension gave him the reassurance he needed that he could afford to move into Assisted Living.  He was able to secure retro active funds AND an additional $1830 each month that allows him to pay privately for his care!

Revenue Result - saved $8,000/month!

Single Case Agreement

Wife had so much trouble getting benefits to pay for husbands care. She was fearful of spending down all of her assets.  Couldn’t figure out why she kept getting denied.  Referred to Benefit Results, after a comprehensive assessment, the answer was figured out, she was able to get needed documentation to show eligibility concern and was finally able to get approved for benefits!

Revenue Loss Rescued - $7,000

SNF Result!

During Benefit Assessment, identified income issue that social worker missed, able to secure needed items to get that month covered.