SSI-Supplemental Security Income

August 28, 2020

If an applicant applies for Social Security and does not have sufficient work credits, but meets all the other criteria, they receive a “Welfare Payment” of approximately $783 per month. This is called SSI – Supplemental Security Income.

Regardless of being eligible, where the individual is living determines the award amount. Social Security Policy states that Medicaid residents of public institutions are ineligible for SSI because their room, board and care needs are already being paid by government entities. However, there is a caveat to that rule. Residents in medical treatment facilities are eligible for a reduced amount of $30 per month when they are in a licensed medical institution for the entire month.

It is important to make note that this means that they would be eligible for their full benefit amount if/when they move out of licensed medical institutions – such as, into an assisted living facility or group home, or even back to their own home. Appropriate knowledge of the income stream allows a proper discharge plan to be formulated.

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