Jill Pulliam,  Owner, and CEO

Jill Pulliam (formally Preston) has spent more than 28 years in the health care arena helping families as they struggle through the maze of long-term care.   Most of the education offered to families today, comes while in a crisis, or from those with an agenda to sell services.  Long Term Care centers do a great job with offering guidance,  but unfortunately, due to the heavy load, process management errors, and policy misunderstanding, denial of benefits are frequent costing families and facilities millions of dollars in unreimbursed care.  Jill felt strongly that more could be done to assist families and facilities in lightening this heavy load. Benefit Results was her answer.

Jill graduated from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon.   She has spent her career being an advocate for those needing a voice and being a catalyst between state and federal benefits for both providers and families.

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Douglas Pulliam, CFO/ Operations

Doug is involved in many areas of the Benefit Results team. He primarily focuses on the Operational side of our process but you will also find him working directly with clients and facilities. Doug has owned and managed his own businesses and is known for his tireless effort and multi-tasking ability.  He keeps us all organized and on track! If you have questions regarding billing, outstanding invoices, our terms, and how to contract with Benefit Results please feel free to contact him directly!

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Rebecca Martinez, Benefit Coach Manager

Rebecca joined the Benefit Result team in 2016 as our Benefit Coach Manager.  She oversees the Benefit Assessment process for our clients and acts as our facility liaison.   She brings years of dedicated service to those needing long term care.  Rebecca graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in social work.  She has worked within both the medical and psychiatric fields in a myriad of roles.  She has been the social work director in various skilled nursing facilities and most recently in a high acuity rehabilitation center.  She is a strong advocate for families and strives to assist our clients in navigating the waters of health care to break through barriers and reasons for ineligibility to ensure their care needs are met.

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Carol Esser, Benefit Coach Manager

Carol is a 21-year veteran of the United States Air Force. We honor her service and her dedication to those that have or are currently serving! She has worked in long term care social service departments for the past 13 years acting as a solid advocate and solution-driven member of the facility team. She is the mother of three children. Grandmother of four. She is currently continuing her education in business and health care administration at ASU.  Carol serves clients throughout our Benefit Results National network.  She focuses much of her time as our lead with our Facility Partners . Carol feels strongly about offering common-sense approaches to find answers and is driven by how to make things happen not about why things can’t get done! Carol loves challenges, cooking, and reading and traveling.

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Shannon Honea, Benefit Coach

Shannon joined our team in 2020 and has extensive experience in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Long term care Admissions and Marketing.  She has been a Business office manager and has vast experience in billing.  Shannon has her Arizona Assisted Living Manager License.  She is also a notary for the state of Arizona.   Shannon graduated from DeVry University with her Bachelor of Science in IT Management.  Shannon plans to continue her education by pursuing her Masters in IT Management. Shannon prides herself on professionalism and efficiency.  She has a passion for problem solving and education. She loves helping people resolve problems and has a wide variety of local community resources.

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Dani McDermott, Benefit Coach

Dani joined our team in 2021 and brings years of marketing and Assisted Living knowledge with her. Dani has worked in Memory Care communities as well as Assisted Living Facilities. Dani has her Arizona Assisted Living Manager license and has served many years in the field.  She is the mother of 7 children and graduated from Grand Canyon University with a bachelor’s in health care administration.   Dani prides herself on her tenacity and the ability to overcome obstacles. Dani finds fulfillment in helping people and enjoys the results. Dani loves hunting with her husband of 23 years, shopping, family time, and dancing.

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Randy V. Bui, Benefit Coach

Randy joined the Benefit Results team in 2022.  He was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.He moved to Arizona for school after graduation and went to Arizona State University. Randy has a Bachelor of Science in Social Work with a minor in healthcare administration.  He is now studying in a Master of Social Work program with Walden University.  His hobbies are photography, spending time with his newborn daughter, and traveling.  Randy worked in a Long-term care/skilled rehab facility for 2 years as well as 4 years of hospital experience assisting with discharge plans for patients going into a post-acute setting.   Randy is a huge patient advocate.

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Allie Mindes, Benefit Coach

Allie joined our team in 2022 as a Benefit Coach. Allie has gained experience in many areas of healthcare throughout her many years of work in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities. Allie is a hands on hard worker finds her job rewarding when she can make a difference every day in the lives of our clients. Allie enjoys spending time with her family and enjoying all the beauty that southern Arizona has to offer.

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Sophia Blanco, Benefit Coach

Sophia joined the Benefit Result s team in 2019 as a Benefit Coach Assistant. She has recently been promoted to a Benefit Coach!  These past three years supporting the benefit coaches have helped her develop the experience and skills that she uses as she works hard to assist our clients.  Sophia loves children, animals, and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

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Robyn Nykaza, Benefit Coach Assistant

Robyn joined the Benefit Results team in 2021.  She is a graduate of Arizona State University
with a major in English and a minor in Japanese language.  Robyn has 20 years of experience in project management, customer service, and office management.  She will be supporting our coaches by completing background research, gathering details and providing assistance on client cases.  Robyn is also a notary.

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Amy Hartzler, Administrative Assistant

Amy joined Benefit Results in 2019.  She provides administrative support to the team, especially in the areas of marketing, website management, social media coordination, and special events.  She handles many behind the scenes projects so the team can focus on serving our clients and providers.  Amy graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in business management.  She has many years of experience in nonprofit management and marketing.

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