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My mom is a resident at Tapestry and my dad who is deceased was in the army WWII. Jill helped me every step of the way to get benefits for my mom. She made numerous calls and did everything possible to get benefits for my mom. I can't tell you how appreciative I am. She went beyond my expectations and my mom's got benefits because of her hard work. I cannot thank her enough.
K.W. for mom
Tapestry, Ohio
Kudos to Benefit Results for having dedicated, hard working people like Tara Schell. What a dynamite advocacy coach she is. I have had the pleasure of working closely with her for the last several months on an ALTCS application. When the questions from ALTCS became more detailed & arduous, Tara pushed through & the application was finally approved! I’m very appreciative & grateful for being accepted by ALTCS and would not have been accepted without all of her hard work. I will gladly pass on her name to those that cross my path who are in need of your services.
P.G., Health plan case
Words can’t describe how thankful I am for Carol and those who assisted with my brother's case. My brother was in a serious car accident that left him incapacitated and we as a family were scrambling trying to figure out his insurance coverage. Applying for ALTCS was unbelievably difficult. We are still grieving my brother’s horrific accident and attempting this process without Carol was painful. The amount of documents that were requested and at the rate they were asked for was incredibly hard. When Carol got involved, it felt like a weight had been lifted. Carol provided honest and encouraging feedback through this process. It felt like I had my own personal guide walking my me through this journey. She was always available to answer my calls and emails in a timely manner. I’m thankful for Carol. I’m thankful for her attention to detail and her constant support. She was my brother's angel through this process. I want you all to know that the work you’re doing is so meaningful and life giving. You’re giving families hope and strength to keep pushing forward. Thank you for fighting the good fight. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you all best. Thank you for your selfless work.
D.K. for brother
With sincere appreciation, I'd like to say thank you to Carol Esser for your courteous and professional manner while working through the paperwork for my husband who is a patient at Devon Gables.
G.S. for husband
Devon Gables
Tara was my guardian angel! After receiving a devastating diagnosis for our daughter we were beside ourselves and didn't know up from down. Tara came in and not only helped us understand and make sense of so much information, but she cared and fought for our daughter to get the best help she could get. It made all the difference in the world and gave us back a little glimmer of hope in our lives.
T.B. for daughter
I am fairly new to the field and I was navigating in the dark. Just grateful we can offer your services to the resident. More so during this pandemic where I’m sure families have felt the emotional and financial uncertainties. Benefit Results truly gets RESULTS!
T.R. ,Business Office Manager
Carol Esser has been a life saver to my family and me. If I have a question or a problem, she is there for us. She has helped with all of the forms we needed to file or fill out to get social security approved for my mother.
C.B. for mother
Rebecca is a Rockstar! She made this process easy and she is a joy to work with. I so appreciate her extra efforts to coordinate everything with Sunshine Village, even in spite of the pandemic! Being that I’m out of state in California, I was worried that this could cause a bump in the road (and maybe even I would have to travel to AZ to sign paperwork or something) but she figured out how to make everything go smoothly with very little effort on my part. I never could have done this without her.
J.K. for mom
Sunshine Village
I was referred to Benefit Results by a nursing facility in Phoenix. I am so glad that I found them! Needed to move my parent from Idaho to Arizona. They took me through the process and helped me feel confident about what I was doing. They also helped me understand how I could prepare to file for services and what I needed to prepare. I followed the checklist and everything worked out! Appreciate them being in my corner!
I wanted to express my thanks for the assistance, support and advice we were given by Carol Esser over the last month and a half while trying to get my stepfather in the ALTCS program. We live out of state and the whole process seemed so intense. It is extraordinary to find someone who is so willing to extend themselves like Carol does. We had many questions during this time and each step along the way Carol was there to explain what was needed and to gave us encouragement. Her knowledge of the process, experience with older people and their issues and the calming effect she had on us really made this ALTCS challenge manageable. Thank you for making Carol available to families like ours. She is a real treasure.
B.G. for stepfather
I just wanted to say thank you for absolutely everything today. Your hard work and dedication is amazingly obvious. Any amount of financial help that my residents can receive is life changing, and knowing there is someone out there, going to bat for them, well that is priceless. I appreciate the work that you do and I thank you again and again.
Donna Zadwarny, Independent Living Liaison
Immanuel Campus of Care
Thank you Carol E. for all your help in getting me approved. You are truly a blessing to me and my family. We can now work on getting quality care and have less worries about the financial part of things. Approved in just 44 days!
Dani, I really cannot put into words how much you doing your due diligence and more means to me now and going forward. Far beyond the paperwork you put in and what you asked of me, it is/was the way you did it. You were consistent, responsive and flat out dogged in my case. I am beginning to see all the benefits unfolding and also I can feel the deep relief that Jerry is set up very well. I am now freed up to help him with a bit of quality of life issues. I truly could not have done it without your support. Thank you!
K.S. for partner
Tara, you are our Guardian Angel!!! Thank you for all you have done for me and my mother. Without your step by step clear and comforting communication guiding us through this process, it wouldn't have happened. You gave us knowledge and understanding of the services and procedures. You helped my mother to understand she would not be put in a home, that she was safe and secure here with me and it's funny how both my mother and I felt so safe and trusted you. Tara, we are so lucky and grateful that you have found your calling and came into our lives. Again thank you for everything!!!
C.D. for Mother
Thank you so much Jill for your aid and attention in helping us in obtaining a great financial improvement. Your experience and interest in our situation has been extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. We will always be grateful for your insight and help in making our dream come true.
Victor and Arlene Marska, Residents
Bridgewater Assisted Living
Although we have been working with Jill and her staff for a short time, they have proven to be most responsive to our requests. The entire staff has been most productive in helping our residents obtain the benefits they deserve.
Mary Lucero, Asst. Business Office Mgr.
La Estancia Nursing & Rehab
I was referred to Benefit Results and Jill by my nephew who has late stage ALS. He had no help at home and was struggling. He also got little help from the National ALS Foundation. Jill was able to get total ALTCS support very quickly! She is unstoppable and determined. Now my nephew has the help he needs and is in great spirits. That is what Jill does! Whatever it takes! She did the same for my wife Sharon who has total dementia and needs 24/7 nursing care. I told Jill she was my Gladiator, my Champion! God Bless you and your staff Jill!
When my mother was inflicted with a sudden illness that required long term care, I was overwhelmed to say the least. I’m very fortunate to have been referred to work with Rebecca and Benefit Results to help me navigate the confusing world of ALTCS. Rebecca walked me through every step of the way, provided invaluable information and advice, and did everything in her power to make sure my mom was approved as quickly as possible. She was always quick to respond and she really went to bat for us. I can honestly say I don’t know what we would have done without her. I would not hesitate to recommend her services. I will be forever grateful.
Wendy Grubbs, Daughter of Patient
North Mountain Rehab
I worked with Shannon to process my ward's Florida Medicaid application. Florida has a process involving four or more different agencies -- some are local, some are associated directly with the state, some do medical reviews, and some did financial evaluations. It was confusing for me, as I never knew who would make what decisions or where I was the process. Shannon helped me considerably. She could and did explain the process, helped to bird-dog various decision points in that process, and kept on the case during the five months that it took to get the application through the system. I really needed the help with this daunting system, and I was delighted to have Shannon alongside of me.
D.D. Legal Guardian
This situation was a terrible thing to go through for our family. The work you did to guide us to a point where the financial issues are solved was a godsend. I have no idea how anyone could navigate this process without your team. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!
J.S. for mom
When I was tasked with getting my brother approved for ALTCS I was in way over my head and utterly confused. He had been incorrectly denied and we were spun around in circles many, many times and without the help of Rebecca and Benefit results we would have been completely lost. The help and guidance I received was invaluable and I can't accurately describe my appreciation for the work they do. Thanks so much!!
K.H. for brother
North Mountain
WOW! The work that Benefit Results does for our facility gives so much additional needed support to our families and residents. It is making the benefit process less confusing, more efficient and giving the families the help they need to accomplish tasks and secure eligibility! It also makes my job easier! We are so glad they are our Partner!
SNF Social Worker
Coming from another state, made enrolling my father in ALTCS a daunting challenge. Not knowing the agencies, the process or what was expected increased the likelihood of many iterations over many months to achieve success. Hiring Benefit Results provided me with the assistance required in an efficient and cost effective way to obtain the desired outcome. In working with the staff, I found them knowledgeable, focused, persistent, and steadfast in reaching the enrollment goal. In addition, the staff were communicative, supportive, informative and available which gave me confidence that the outcome would be achieved. I would highly recommend the use of this service to shorten the time and lessen the burden to obtain enrollment in ALTCS. Simply put, these are highly skilled and knowledgeable but also caring professionals that achieve results.
Mr. L.
I had the pleasure of being assisted by Tara Schell. This lady is there for her customers. She puts them first. She is very knowledgeable about the assistance she is providing. She is helpful, kind, considerate and on top of things. The next time I need help I’m calling her. Thank you for having her on your staff.
S.B for father
Peoria, AZ
It is impossible to overstate the value of the services provided by Benefit Results. From my very first phone call, I felt an enormous sense of relief in knowing I was in the hands of someone with immense experience and a treasure trove of knowledge. Her highly honed skill and confidence in navigating the process of obtaining ALTCS benefits for my mother provided invaluable reassurance to me during an incredibly stressful period. I cannot possibly recommend Benefit Results highly enough.
R.F for mother
I can't say enough good things about Benefits Results and especially Shannon. She has constantly gone above and beyond. And she has done this with such efficiency, understanding and kindness. As part of the overall Care Team she has certainly exceeded expectations. I highly recommend her and Benefits Results as a real plus in this difficult process of aging.
J.W. for sister
Assisted Living, Ohio
If you want a positive outcome for your situation, use Benefit Results. The staff and management handle their clients with the utmost professionalism. I have worked with them on several occasions over the last several years and I have never been disappointed with their results for our residents. They know what "customer service" really means. Thank you!
M.L. Facility Business Office Manager
Ahwatukee, AZ
When my mother retired to Arizona, I thought that all would be great. When it came to retire, I chose the north coast of California because it wasn't so hot in the summer. Fast forward a few years and my mom was diagnosed with dementia. I flailed around doing my best, but it was clear that she was running out of money and couldn't afford her care much longer. I knew I didn't have the money to help her. I was going nuts. Finally, I was referred to Benefit Results and my life got better instantly. They new their way around the system and helped me understand my options. They can save you hours of misery. I am very grateful for what they did!
Northern AZ
As a client of Benefit Results, I would like to express my thoughts and thankfulness for the service I received over the last year. My claim with the VA was in shambles when Benefit Results took over. The case had many errors even after the American Legion, the VA, and I had been involved. Benefit Results was always there for me. Jill gave me hope. We worked well together. She knew what was needed, and she knew how to get it. Benefit Results got my benefits established...a thing I thought I would never see. Benefits Results is a great company!
Tapestry, Florida
I can not say enough good things about Benefit Results that would do justice for the service and compassion that they showed me to help guide me through a most difficult time with my wife's cousin. It was more than getting paid for what they do. The continued availability and guidance that they provided was, I believe, over and above what was expected and probably required. It is a 5 star company and I would give them 10 stars!!
D.W. for cousin
Surprise, Arizona
A fearful time when your loved one is diagnosed with inevitable long term care with around the clock specialized nursing required. Every situation is unique but my experience with Benefit Results provided great relief that I was facing the fear and doing my best. The first fear I faced was qualified responsible capable care and comfort for my Mother. Opened dialogue with Benefit Results and patient communications weekly for over a year assured me that the care facility, Tapestry at Walden, was the right place for Mother. The second fear was financial stability. Benefit Results did everything possible to educate me on Florida requirements for Medicaid financial assistance. Mother passed away peacefully and comfortable at 96 years of age from natural causes. Fortunately, our finances held out. Benefit Results was there for me when I needed them most to work on the logistics and financial legal ramifications unique to Florida. They never gave up nor did I. Should Mother have lingered I was confident that Benefit Results would have stayed with me until financial assistance was worked through. Sincere appreciation does not describe my deep-felt gratitude for Benefit Results.
J.W. for Mother
Tapestry, Florida
Carol Esser was very helpful in the process of getting my mother's ALTCS approval and kept me informed through the process. Thank you so much Carol for the help and compassion. We felt the love.
L.M. for mother
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the help I received from Carol Esser and Benefit Results! My brother's case was not simple or easy in any way and we ran into many roadblocks which Carol overcame and finished for us.
S.B. for brother
I really don't know what I would have done without the wonderful help that I received from Benefit Results! I don't know how they were sent to me to be my "Angel", but they were an absolute godsend with helping me get through all the paperwork to get my mom her VA award. The payment that she will now receive will go a long way to helping her financially through her golden years and help take some of the pressure off of her. I know that Benefit Results has been and will be an "Angel" for others and just know that you will be in excellent hands! They will take care of you and hold your hands through whatever they are helping you with. THANK YOU BENEFIT RESULTS!!!!!!
P.M. for mother
I appreciate all the help that Benefit Results has provided during the PAS ( Medical PreAdmission Screening for ALTCS). Your quick responses to emails, help with securing records made the process much easier. This process can be very stressful - I cant thank you enough for how wonderful you have been to work with!
I cannot begin to express appreciation to the Benefits Results team, and specifically Carol, for the untiring work that was put in to secure benefits for my father. In the arduous application & documentation process of securing benefits, taking months, we continually filed and re-filed (and Re-Filed) the documentation that was requested. She never wavered in staying in contact with me in the process, continuing to call and follow up, staying positive and encouraging me when things looked hopeless. The process from the initial application to the final approval took almost 14 months. I was told initially that the process was arduous, long and slow to materialize, but I had NO idea how much so. There is no way that the approval would have been secured without the help of Carol, and everyone involved at Benefit Results. Amazing team and advocates for their clients. HUGE kudos to everyone at Benefit Results - my undying gratitude!
R.L. for Father
I feel remiss in not getting this out there sooner because I absolutely want to tell anyone and everyone if you need help with VA Benefits please give yourself a gift and contact Benefit Results. My sister who has Dementia lived in North Carolina and needed more help. I lived in Ohio so we moved her here. BAM the Pandemic hits. I knew nothing about how to deal with the VA system and being shall we say electronically challenged I was overwhelmed out of the gate. Benefit Results was recommended and what a wonderful blessing. Shannon took me in hand settled me down, listened to me, provided support and did more leg work to accomplish this than I would have ever known how to accomplish. Shannon was so professional and was constantly in touch when I was about to have a nervous breakdown. She took care of all the details, handled paperwork, and had conversations with the VA. After extensive work, my sister was awarded the benefit which was much needed to keep her in a facility that could care for her needs. Even after all was said and done Shannon still stayed in contact to make sure things were running smoothly. I would say that is above and beyond. I could go on and on about all the wonderful aspects of this organization and Shannon but I want to end with one very important word "KINDNESS". That will be the thing I remember most. It was like having a special friend in your corner. Thank you so much Benefit Results and a very special thank you to Shannon.
J.W. for sister
Shannon was awesome!! Her attentiveness and professionalism were a comfort to me when I needed it most and most importantly helped to produce the outcome I needed.
S.G. for brother
I cannot say enough good about Benefit Results. My family was trying to get my aunt approved for ALTCS and kept running into stumbling blocks. From the minute Benefit Results took over they fought tirelessly to get my aunt approved. The team leaves no stone unturned when working for a client. If you are trying to get benefit approval, especially when state or federal government is involved, hire this team! It is money well spent and will save you endless time and frustration. As the name states, they get results! My family will be forever grateful to Jill and her staff.
K.W. for aunt
Shannon, my brother and sister want to join me in saying thank you sincerely. This benefit will allow our mom to get the help she needs. You have made a real difference in a good person's situation. God Bless you and your team.
C.H. for mom
Carol was very knowledgeable, helpful, and very great to work with. She deserves 1000 stars for her great work and service!
V.C. for mom
Health Plan client, Phoenix
Everything that was done for me was handled very professionally, all matters were taken care of properly and my mother got the help that she had been needing for years I am very grateful for what Rebecca did and in a very short time THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
A.E for mother
Having consulted with Rebecca from Benefit Results, I felt prepared to provide the information necessary for my Mom's ALTCS application. With such a high denial rate of ALTCS applications, I couldn't risk her application not being approved the first time. Many thanks to everyone for sharing their specific expertise and helping my Mom to get the resources she needs!
E.K. for mother
I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated Tara's help with getting my daughter on ALTCS! She was absolutely everything we could have asked for! She was patient, competent, and she never gave up or became discouraged during this whole process. There were times I wanted to give up and think it was never going to happen, or that my daughter was never going to get approved, and Tara reassured me at every step that things were going to be fine! And she was right! We are so grateful for everything she did!!!
L.H. for daughter
I just wanted to thank Dani again for all of her help! I am nearly 62 years old and this my first real time dealing with the US health system. It has proven to be quite daunting at times but her assistance has been invaluable and has made it all a heck of a lot easier!
D.R. for self
The services I received from Rebecca were totally outstanding and beyond phenomenal! She was very knowledgeable and took all the time I needed to make sure I understood the process, my options, as well as the barriers. She made me feel encouraged and assured that by following the plan she implemented for me, my application for ALTCS would be approved the first time around. Talking with her was always a pleasurable experience and a stress-relief at each encounter. Definitely, more than worth the fee that I paid. Thank you so much, Rebecca.
R.H. for husband