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Are your members receiving the appropriate and most cost-effective benefits? Are they at risk of losing benefits due to a change in their financial status or medical condition? Do you have members that are receiving acute benefits but need long term benefits and are unable to secure these benefits?

The proper transition from one program to another is an important element of health plan management. As is assuring your members are receiving the income and benefits they are entitled to. Yet, maneuvering through the complexities of federal and state benefits as well as the health plan options can be quite overwhelming for members. Without proper assistance and policy-driven guidance, members can flounder without proper benefits and the health plan can be incurring costs that could otherwise be paid by coordinating benefits.

Benefit Results will implement a Revenue Recovery and Benefit Transition process that can successfully assist both members and the health plan to maximize services and cost-effectiveness of benefit procurement.

We look forward to discussing how the Benefit Results protocol will make a difference for your members and health plan today!

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