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How to pay for care is one of the biggest concerns for families as they make the decision to move a loved one to extended care. It is not uncommon to get many answers to the same question, which can lead to more confusion and frustration.

Benefit Results is a National non-biased consulting service that listens to your needs, provides support, and offers a clear path to follow when securing benefits. The education and suggestions offered are based on a solid understanding of rules and policy, specific to your needs, without the intent of selling other services.

We know that the maze of government programs, the concerns regarding spending down, and the misunderstanding of options can be overwhelming! You need answers that are focused on YOU!

We Can Help!

Our Benefit Coaches have extensive experience educating and assisting families within the long term care continuum. The Benefit Assessment and Benefit Care Plan will help you prepare for benefits, avoid unnecessary denials, and provide much-needed reassurance regarding your options.

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