Professional, Compassionate Benefit Guidance Without Financial or Service Sales!

We recognize how frustrating coordination and approval of benefits can be. We also know how challenging it is to get clear, concise advice that is specific to your situation that is not based on a need to sell services. Benefit Results is dedicated to calm and correct education based on policy to guide families and providers through complex benefit procurement issues. We know it can be daunting… Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Veteran Benefits… insurance, co-pays… who pays next?

We offer Single Case Agreements for individuals and families needing guidance, and monthly and hourly contracts for health care providers to be a link between residents and facilities to mitigate the risk of benefit denials. We also offer Revenue Recovery and Benefit Transition services for health care insurance plans.

With proactive management of benefits, both families and the health care community are less likely to be negatively impacted due to denials and incorrectly filed applications.

Do not try to handle these complex issues alone!