Before you Apply

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January 4, 2022

Avoiding issues that can cause ineligibility is a common goal for both the applicant and the facility.  Benefits that help pay for care are often the only way care costs get covered. More than 90% of long-term residents in nursing facilities receive some sort of assistance in paying the often-astronomical cost of care. Yet, the support offered to obtain these benefits is quite limited.

These government benefits, such as Medicaid, are confusing and it is not uncommon to see an applicant get denied two or three times before they get approved. These denials cost a lot, both in terms of financial loss as well as stress and emotional wear and tear.

The goal of Benefit Results is to assist the applicant in the understanding and utilization of correct policy to maximize their success in the application process. We offer a Benefit Assessment and Care Planning service to provide a road map for benefit approval.

Some suggestions before you apply:

  1. Gather all documents that you will need to submit as supporting documentation before you apply
  2. Understand areas of eligibility before you submit any application
  3. Make sure you are applying for the correct benefit and using the correct forms
  4. Identify any area that might cause ineligibility, and address as indicated
  5. Keep track of all correspondence and copies of what has been submitted.