Introducing BETE!

July 28, 2023

Benefit Results is dedicated to giving solid, policy based answers regarding government benefit options.   Most people, as they start the journey into needing benefits to pay for care, have questions.   Finding these answers, without getting a sales pitch to buy other services is difficult.   Benefit Results, knowing that this need exists, decided to create a call center to help with these challenging questions – free to the Arizona community!    BETE, Benefit Eligibility Triage & Education was launched May 1, 2023.    We are so thrilled to be able to offer a way to call or chat with real live, compassionate benefit coaches that can offer guidance and support regarding benefit options.

Since 2015, Benefit Results has been offering guidance and education PLUS a fee-based hands-on application support to many families as they have gone through this process.  However, we know that many people can do the application work themselves but just need a little help.   Questions like:  “I don’t understand the letter I just received from the state”, or “What happens if I am unable to get a document that is being requested on our application?” or  “Do I have to be in a nursing home to get on to ALTCS?” are commonly asked of our BETE coaches.   These callers don’t need to hire anyone to help them, they just need to be reassured or given the answers that are causing fear or frustration, this is why BETE is here!

We know that the government benefit process is overwhelming, searching for answers that are specific to your situation can sometimes be difficult.  We hope that you “Ask for Bete”  a free service to help you move forward to receive the services you need.   BETE empowers the choice of benefit options based on policy, client-centered answers and advocacy and is prohibited from recommending or steering any caller towards any program contractor or service and no legal advice will be offered.   If appropriate, referrals to proper entities will be provided. or call us at 855-477-9896   We look forward to speaking with you!