Medicare Pending Meeting

April 7, 2020

Yes…it’s the dreaded “One more meeting”. But, we know that this 15 minutes per week meeting will positively affect your bottom line.

The Medicaid-pending/follow-up meeting is imperative to your bottom line and avoiding avoidable revenue loss. It’s no secret that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The same applies to payor sources in your building. This meeting isn’t just for those who were admitted Medicaid-pending. It is productive for anyone whose discharge plan is uncertain or changes.

A successful Medicaid-pending meeting involves looking at the financial, medical and social aspects of each resident. It is finding out barriers to being approved and then finding a practical solution to those barriers. A facility we recently worked with lost $27,337 due to a community spouse not being able to figure out how to send a copy of her irregularly sized marriage certificate to the state, which caused her to get denied due to failure to verify. These types of issues that cause ineligibility can be addressed and fixed properly. Moreover, the situation outlined above is not unique. Similar situations happen all too frequently.

Being able to assist with proactively finding the barriers to approval and a common sense solution and then weekly follow-up on these concerns will make all the difference in your bottom line.

Schedule your 15-minute Medicaid-pending meeting in your facility today. Have an agenda. Make assignments. Have compassion. Follow-up. Repeat. We would love to hear how this practice has made a difference for your facility.