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January 1, 2023

Benefit Results is proud to be a resource for families seeking information on benefits to help their loved ones during difficult times in life.  Here are some videos from this past year that provide information on benefits and some commonly asked questions.

What does Benefit Results do?  Check out our Founding Owner and CEO Jill Pulliam as she explains a bit about how Benefit Results works by clicking HERE

Preparing a “Go To” folder to organize necessary benefit information is so important to do before a crisis hits.  Click HERE to see Jill talk about some ways you can make sure you are pulling together the kind of information that is needed to secure benefits.

When the unexpected happens, how do you secure benefits that help with care?  Click HERE to see Jill talk about the importance of getting good information when benefits are needed.

Click HERE to see Jill talk about Arizona Long Term Care.

How does Benefit Results help veterans who are seeking care and benefits?  Click HERE for a recent interview with Jill about how we can help.

The Medicare 5 year look-back policy can cause a lot of confusion and stress when benefits are needed.  Click HERE for a recent interview where Jill talks about how to navigate questions and issues surrounding this policy.

Visiting elderly relatives can be a time where you can gain some insight on what is happening with your loved one over and above what they may be telling you.  This is especially important as in-person visits were so limited during the pandemic    In a recent interview, Jill talks about the things to look for to gain insight on how things are going with your loved one.  Click HERE to get some tips on how to assess the situation.







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