Veterans Benefits

September 26, 2023

soldier holding the American flagBenefit Coordination is an important part of the process for securing benefits.  One benefit can impact another.   Also, it is required when applying for Medicaid that the applicant MUST apply for any potential benefit that could provide cash benefit for which he or she may qualify for (AHCCCS policy manual 560).

If you are a veteran, this might include veterans benefits. Understanding what benefits may be available to you is an important part of the success of the Medicaid application.

The VA Wartime Pension and Aid & Attendance can help wartime Veterans and widowed spouses of the Veteran pay for assisted care.  This program provides monthly payments to wartime veterans and their widowed spouses.  Understanding these benefits and the eligibility for them are a crucial part of the benefit coordination effort.

Here are some questions used by the VA to determine qualification:

  • Did the Veteran serve at least 90 consecutive days of active duty?
  • Is the Veteran over 65 or disabled?
  • Did the Veteran have an Honorable, Medical or General Discharge?
  • Did the Veteran serve at least one day of active duty during a Wartime period?

Wartime Dates:
WWII- 12/7/1941-12/31/1946
Vietnam-8/5/1964-5/7/1975 (**in country 2/28/61-8/5/64)
(***blue water veterans- 1/9/1962-5/7/1975, within 12 miles of coastline)
Persian Gulf- 8/2/1990-TBD

You can apply for Veterans benefits online – visit Apply For Pension Benefits | Veterans Affairs (

If you are a widow of a wartime benefit, you can submit this application for benefits Get VA Form 21P-534EZ to download  You can send the application in to a VA location near you. Find VA Locations | Veterans Affairs

If you need assistance with the filing of the claim, you can get help from a Veteran Services Officer or an accredited representative.

Search the VA Office of the General Counsel’s list


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