Wondering How Benefit Results Can Help Your Facility?

March 22, 2024

Benefit Results offers a Benefit Coordination process to help your facility reduce the risk of revenue loss associated with Medicaid and other benefit denials.  Here are some recent comments from our contract facility partners about how Benefit Results helps in their health care communities.

“Wonderful assistance from the beginning to the end.  Truly grateful for the support I receive.”
Kayla S., Director, Care Assisted Living & Memory Care

“Benefit Results offers a great service to nursing homes and their residents.  The staff at Benefit Results are very knowledgeable and professional.  They reply promptly to our requests for help for our residents with AHCCCS or ALTCS applications.  They have also helped us with Social Security issues.”
Rosa D. Manager, Business Office

“Benefit Results is an amazing partner and works wonders helping their clients.  The guidance, communication, and knowledge they have is what makes them so special.”
Troy S., Manager, Assisted Living and Independent Living

Benefit Results offers education and support for residents going through the application process.  We can jump in and act as Authorized Representative when needed and manage the ALTCS pending process to help the facility manage this more efficiently.  We can also help your residents if they have issues that may cause benefit ineligibility.  Not only do these services help your residents, but this also helps the facility’s bottom line by avoiding revenue loss due to improperly filed or managed applications.

Click HERE to see examples of the kind of revenue impact that proper benefit coordination can have on your facility.